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christina ratatori

Artists & Educators,

a.r.t. (artists. rallying. together.) was created as a result of conversations I continued to have with local artists who had NO idea what was happening in our public schools regarding the arts. Budget cuts continued to chop the arts over & over. There are local musicians, painters, poets, etc. who are concerned about our diminishing arts programs for Milwaukee's youth.

Through local events, including book talks & benefit concerts, not only is awareness raised to the importance of the arts, but these events bring local artists & teachers together.

The arts (dance, music, drama, and visual art) allow students to not only express themselves, but the arts invite them to form a deeper understanding of their academics & their world. In addition, a.r.t. informs local educators & artists about arts advocacy at the local, statewide, and national levels.

Please continue to spread the word about a.r.t. Join us on facebook or twitter, continue to visit a.r.t.'s website, and attend a.r.t. events. Together we can do our part to save the arts.

Christina Ratatori,
Founder & Director of a.r.t. (artists. rallying. together.)

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a.r.t.'s mission:

a.r.t. to bring together artists of all kinds to raise awareness for the importance of arts education in our schools.

a.r.t. to share & promote arts advocacy information from the local, state, and national levels with fellow artists, educators, and friends of the arts.

a.r.t. to expose students to the arts by helping fund local arts programs & educational organizations.